Setting up a catfish farm with earthen pond


Catfish farming is a very lucrative business and time friendly business that is to say it really don’t take much of your time as you can do the business why going to work.

But today I want to discuss the important of earthen pond in catfish farming.

Many farmer in the country prefer concrete pond/ vat Pond to earthen pond but the truth still remain that earthen pond is the best I will explain.

When I want to start catfish farming I started with vat Pond and I can tell the difference when it come to earthen pond. I don’t want to waste your time.

Why Earthen Pond is better for Fish farming

1. It is easier to build. The basic construction of an Earthen Pond starts with the soil( Land) and shape design. Once the shape is mark out digging of the pond can start until the actual Dept is reach.

Things to consider when digging include :

Water way : you must ensure your water way is constructed in such a way that it can supply adequate water when ever the tide raise.

Inlet/Outlet: for earthen pond whose source of water rely on the tide of the stream/river, them you must lower your inlets so you can get maximum flow of water before the tide return.

2. It’s durability is very high. Once it is constructed by expert, trust me, you can use it for at least 20 good years. There is no other Pond that you can use for 10 years, If the topography is well checked and well conserve.
But it also depends on the area if it swapy area or dry land.

3. Phytoplanktons and Zootoplanktons are available in Earthen Ponds. You can’t see this in any type of Pond. Be it Tarpaulin, Concrete or Liner Pond. That’s why they said ” in Earthen ponds, the fishes have access to seen and unseen organism. Thus, this aid their growth and severed as additional food especially cray fish.

4. Fishes Grow faster in Earthen Pond than any other types of Pond. If you see a three month old fish in Earthen pond, you dare not compare it with its mate in either concrete, or Tarpaulin.

5. Water management in Earthen Pond is easier than any other type of Pond yes when it’s plan carefully.

6. Once you get its mode of operation, with your required net, sorting is easy but not as that of a concrete pomd as you are required to pump down.

7. Earthen Pond is easy to maintain. Cost of maintenance is relatively low, compared to other type of Ponds.


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